Quality control is an important aspect of every industry-whether it is products, parts, processes, tools or machines. Regardless of the industry, product quality is of paramount importance. In order to meet customer expectations, trade standards and industry regulations, Proto MFG uses different measuring instruments and tools to control the quality machined parts produced in our machining workshop.


Customer Communication

Effective customer communication is the basic element to achieve customer satisfaction. Whether in the manufacturing process or after sending samples, timely communication with customers is effective. Buyers and customers have clear requirements on the specifications and functions of the product. When receiving an inquiry from a customer, we will contact them as soon as possible and give a free quotation as soon as possible. If there is something wrong, we will immediately Adjust the solution. If you have special requirements, please inform in advance and send a DFM report.


Understand The Design Of The Product

When the customer sends the CAD drawing of the final product, the engineer needs to analyze the design in detail, understand the customer’s product specifications and requirements, and check every detail before production. We will use the most cost-effective solution to process your parts, control the factors in the entire machining process, and ensure that the requirements are met.


Product And Service

The monitoring and measurement procedures for all precision processed products are defined in drawings and specifications, production routers, procurement documents, and inspection and testing procedures.


Verification Of Purchased Products

All purchased products are visually inspected by the receiving inspector. Designated products are also subject to more detailed technical quality control (QC) inspections.


Process Inspection

Process inspection adopts the form of first article inspection and operator inspection to ensure our quality and deliver completed orders to customers on time.


Final Inspection

CNC finished products undergo final QC inspection. First, the inspector confirms that all specified and in-process inspections have been completed. Then they perform the remaining inspections and tests to complete the proof of product compliance. The results of all inspections and tests will be recorded, and only products that have passed the final inspection process will be packaged and shipped.


The operator will handle the final part after processing. There are various advanced measurement tools that can be used for many inspection measurements, such as size, hardness, color, tolerance, etc.