Custom Fasteners

Proto MFG is well-established providers of high precision machining services. Our screw machining capabilities are empowered by outstanding process standards and a relentless attention to detail. Through a combination of experience in precision tooling, time-tested machining practices, and unparalleled customer service, our screw machine products have come to set the standard for quality and value.

Proto MFG screw machining capabilities are designed for parts and projects that require precise tolerances. A few application examples include bearing components, bushings, fittings, shafts, and sleeves. We are able to deliver machined products using steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and much more.Our diversely equipped facility also allows us to work with a wide array of tolerance requirements. 


What truly enables the quality of our screw machining capabilities is our team of dedicated and talented industry professionals, collectively maintaining 10+ years of experience in screw machining technologies. Furthermore, an extensive portfolio of past projects touching on areas like appliance, HVAC, fire suppression, heavy equipment, material handling, consumer products, military, automotive, and hydraulics ensures that we can bring insight and quality to a wide range of projects. Altogether, our personnel, facilities, and know-how make for a complete screw machining solution.  

Proto MFG can evaluate your parts based on proven processing methods and provide you with perfectly made products on time and all the while offering competitive pricing. We take pride in each part we make and ensure that our customers are served with the highest quality products and service.

PART FEATURES:                                   

Axial Holes and Cross Holes

Off Center Holes

Internal & External Threads




Cold forging Machine

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1.Fast Turnaround & Affordable
2.DFM feedback to optimize your designs
3.Quick pricing within 4-24 hours
4.On-demand production updates regularly
5.Material certifications & certificates of conformity
6.Free dimensional inspection reports
7.Tight tolerances
8.Sign and follow the NDA