Customized Cold Forging and Prototyping Services Satisfy Our Customers

We are a leading metal shaping and manufacturing service provider. Our company is recommended for the best cold forging services customized for all customers. We insert the best bar stock into a die and squeeze it into a second closed die. We ensure that the complete process is done at room temperature to form the complete metal into a specific configuration or shape. 

Our cold forging service is an economical and efficient metal deforming method for the high-volume production of parts. Everyone who has chosen our company for the cold forging service is satisfied with excellent benefits like energy saving, simplified machining, performance, dimensional accuracy, and material savings. 


Professional Prototyping Services

Our company provides a rapid prototyping service that involves turnkey manufacturing technologies for efficiently producing multiple iterations of a component for both testing and evaluation. You can research our prototyping services in detail and discuss significant things about how to successfully get the customized prototyping service. 

We select 3D printing as its affordable price point and quick turnaround time. However, other usual rapid prototyping services besides 3D printing are sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and rapid injection molding. 

An experienced team in our company concentrates on an array of important things every time we enhance every aspect of our products and ensure remarkable benefits to all customers from around the world.  

cold forging
cold forging