Urethane Casting Service

Low Volume, Durable Parts with Production-Level Quality

Urethane casting provides end-use, rigid plastic parts or rubber parts with production-level quality. Built without expensive and time-consuming hard tooling, our urethane casting process uses a 3D printed master pattern and silicone molds to deliver high-quality, short-run parts up to 30” long. The finished dimensions of urethane cast parts depend on the accuracy of the master model, part geometry, and casting material. In general, a shrinkage rate of + 0.15% is expected. Cast urethane parts are frequently used when color, surface quality, and toughness are required. Cast urethane is a perfect alternative for insert molding or overmolding in low volumes with diverse material choices.    Urethane casting parts can also be clear, color-matched, painted (including EMI shielding), have installed inserts, and even custom finished.

Proto MFG Urethane Casting services are more than just a molding process – it’s a team of highly skilled operators ensuring every step of the process goes smoothly, from pattern to cast to post-processing.            


Advanced Prototyping

The urethane casting process and relatively inexpensive tooling involved makes it easy and economical to make any necessary design changes. Additionally, different materials can be used with the same mold, making it possible to test designs with a variety of materials.

Urethane cast parts are perfect for low-quantity production—when volumes do not justify investment in injection mold tooling—as well as for first run production parts, which can be completed weeks before production tooling is ready.

Why Choose Us

1.Fast Turnaround & Affordable
2.DFM feedback to optimize your designs
3.Quick pricing within 4-24 hours
4.On-demand production updates regularly
5.Material certifications & certificates of conformity
6.Free dimensional inspection reports
7.Tight tolerances
8.Sign and follow the NDA